World’s Coolest Offices: Brilliant Interior Designs

World’s Coolest Offices: Brilliant Interior Designs

From secret doors to neon stairwells to sleeping nooks, here are some of the coolest details in the most spectacular office interiors on the planet.

Creating an office space that’s unique, breathtaking, and functional is no easy task. These seven companies–and the design firms that worked with many of them–go above and beyond. Or, rather, they go over, under, and through, with the most impressive office-design details our judges have ever seen.

There are videoconference centers masquerading as old-timey cottages, ladders to elevated nap pods, and secret doors tucked into paintings and bookshelves. These awe-inspiring modern offices are located across the globe, from San Francisco to Manila, and they come in a diversity of sizes, styles, and design aesthetics, to fit a diversity of businesses.

Scroll down to see some of the world’s most brilliant office interiors. And don’t forget to let Inc. know which of these runners-up to our 2014 World’s Coolest Offices is your favorite. You can add a comment below, or simply tweet your favorite to join the conversation.

Creating a Sense of Drama at Capital One Labs

This 3,500-square-foot office for Capital One Labs–a group that designs apps for its parent bank–sure doesn’t look like the inside of your average financial institution. Instead, its wild color scheme and unusual angles nod to the innovative spirit Capital One is trying to foster in its employees. Studio O+A, the architecture firm that designed the office, describes the staircase pictured above as “rustic drama” yellow. “You’re creating an experience coming down those stairs,” says designer Alma Lopez of Studio O+A.

Nooks, Crannies, and Nap Pods

This playful, studiolike space includes elevated sleeping nooks, connected to the ground by way of treehouse style ladders, and “gabled blue” support beams cut across the communal workplace. These beams represent a modern architectural trend–making the space feel larger than it actually is–and also contrast with the building’s other features. Just out of sight are such neat details as an elevated bike rack and visually-pleasing-but-sound-absorbing panels that dangle from the ceiling.

Vibrant Spirit, Captured in Full Color

The whimsy of this creative office extends into the communal kitchen, where a neon chartreuse refrigerator meets vibrant pink flooring and a sleek, wooden roof. Capital One Labs emphasized to Studio O+A that it wanted its “wide open spirit” to be reflected in the common areas. Here, glass walls make the kitchen visually continuous with the rest of the office.

At Fueled Collective, DIY Aesthetic Is Alive and Well

Designed with the goal of making Fueled Collective a more positive workplace, this 18,000-square-foot office is located in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, but it packs a Portland-esque punch, complete with vintage-feeling leather couches, lounge chairs, and even (you guessed it) an office dog, whose name is Greta. The snack wall, pictured above, becomes a three-dimensional experience: Candy and other snacks (atomic fireballs, Mary Jane chews, and other throwbacks) are stored in multisized Mason jars, jutting out from the wall in wooden crates.

Call it the Narnia of Startups

“The Davenport,” one of Fueled Collective’s nine conference rooms, can be accessed via this hidden entryway, through the door of a wardrobe. Here, CEO Rameet Chawla stoops to enter the room. Inside, the Davenport has an equestrian theme, sparsely decorated with framed images of horses.

A Matter of Taste

With one of the most elaborate office spaces in New York City, Fueled Collective hosts more than 30 startups in SoHo’s Prince Building. In addition to offering year-round ice cream and popcorn in the office, this conference room is also stocked with whiskey, bourbon, and other (artisanal, we’re sure) liquors.


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