Types Of Office Chairs

Types Of Office Chairs

If you’re looking for an office chair with maximum comfort and optimal style, there are a few things you should think about before making a purchase. First, consider the frequency and environment in which the chair will be used. Will you be moving around a lot? Are you concerned about back support? Once you know the basics you can begin to examine the types of designs and materials that work best for you. Use this buying guide as a resource and find comfort in your workday!


The many different features of office chairs have continued to increase over the years to meet the demand for a more comfortable user experience. Below are some of those features and what they provide:

Ergonomics is the study of the most efficient relationship between workers and their environment, especially in regards to the equipment they use. Reference the example below for proper ergonomic seating in the workplace:

Office Chairs

Many work environments lean towards the classic office chair. This is because it offers stability and comfort throughout your workday, while still being perfectly suited for a collaborative setting. Our wide selection of mid and high-back chairs provide proper seating for various settings whether it be an office or large conference room.

Task Chairs

Ideal for a variety of office environments, the task chair comes in both small-back and mid-back styles. This chair provides ample back support while still maintaining a simple design. Whether you’re working from home or your restaurant’s office, this convenient chair type will be sure to suit your needs.

Side Chairs

We believe proper seating for guests is just as important in the office as it is in the home. That’s why our selection of mid-back side chairs is fit for all body types and comfort levels to help you provide the best possible seating for your guests, clients, and staff.


Do you need a more mobile office chair? Stools are prime seating in terms of high mobility and short-term use – ideal for doctor and dentist offices, as well as other fast-paced environments like restaurants and cafes where you frequently have to switch between sitting and standing.

Kneeling Chairs
If you’re looking for a unique chair to help with posture and circulation then look no further than our kneeling chairs! The kneeling chair is a great addition to an office setting because it is ergonomically friendly and helps keep you alert throughout the day.

Frame Material Types

Choosing your chair frame will determine the level of physical support provided and will be responsible for the impression you give to clients and coworkers. It’s important to note the benefits and limitations of each popular material provided.

Seat Material Types

Choosing the seat material for your office chair will determine its comfortability and durability as a high contact area. Picking the right material demands careful consideration. Below are the benefits and limitations of each unique material.


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