7 Ways to Make Employees Love Their Office

7 Ways to Make Employees Love Their Office

The old way of thinking that
employees should be grateful that they have a job is not always the best way to
motivate them.

Nowadays, companies are becoming more aware of how the welfare of their employees can relate to the productivity of the office. With that in mind, employers should put in more effort into making sure that their employees view their offices as their second homes, and not just because they spend most of their weekdays in it.

Instead, employers should look
for ways that can make their employees love staying at their office. A happy
employee can make the quality of work improve and at the same time, it creates
employees that are productive, motivated, and happy to work in the office.

Below are some simple ways you
can make your employees love their office:

Keep your office

Nobody likes a messy home, and
nobody surely wants a disorganized second home as well.

In that case, you should make
sure that you are proactive in your quest to keep an organized office space as
much as possible.

Knowing where everything is and
where everything should be is one of the first steps to creating an organized office. By making sure
that you have a classification for organizing office items, you make it that
much easier for employees to interact with your office.

Keeping an organized office is
especially important if you store important paperwork. You wouldn’t want to
lose those, so you should make sure that you have a secure place to store them.

Make your
environment comfortable

Comfortability isn’t the first adjective that you would associate with an office, but prioritizing this can make all the difference. After all, if a place is comfortable to stay at, then people would innately want to stay longer, wouldn’t they?

A lot of office design schemes
prioritize low-cost office supplies and furniture, which is why, more often
than not, office spaces aren’t the most comfortable of places.

Instead of looking for the
cheapest furniture, consider ergonomic furniture, especially office chairs and
desks. Aside from that, investing in some aesthetic changes can have a
significant effect on the warmth of a space.

Comfortability is also about
having a welcoming space, so make sure you invest in paint jobs or artwork that
make a space warmer and more inviting.

Prioritize work/life

Although the additional effect of
having an office that your employees love is that they like staying in it more,
it doesn’t mean that you should make sure that they do clock in longer hours
and spend less time outside of work.

Instead, you should also make
sure that your employees prioritize the work/life balance.
Ensuring work/life balance can help build loyalty between employees and

It communicates to them that you
value not only the work that they do but also their overall well-being. If you
want employees to love working for you, then make sure that they can balance
other aspects of their life aside from office work.

Promote workplace

Speaking of encouraging employees
to prioritize their work/life balance, one way to do this is by promoting
workplace wellness.

You can make it easier for your
employees to live a balanced life by providing spaces and sessions that help improve their physical and mental wellness.
You can offer incentives to employees who bike to work to encourage them to do
it more often. You can even set up a gym membership included for your
employees. Maybe you can set up yoga classes on specific days of the week.

There are many options to choose
from. Try to figure out what your employees need the most so that you find the
best wellness program that is appropriate for them.

Offer perks

We mentioned this briefly with
the incentivizing those who bike to work. Another way to make your employees
love working for your organization is by offering perks. However, that perks
shouldn’t be a replacement for salaries or other relevant employee rights.

Moving on, some of the perks you
can provide are as many as the wellness programs you can set up in the office.
You can set up a rewards program for employees who work hard, and you can give
them free products, like movie tickets.

You can even consider rewarding
an entire team after a long and arduous work process is over and done with. A
simple dinner outside with your team for free is a great perk that can help
employees feel like they’re a part of the team.

Make the workplace a

With office perks and wellness
programs, what you’re really trying to do is create a community for your
employees. When people feel like they belong, then they are more motivated to
work and do their best for the organization.

Although some people can work
well by themselves, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t feel like they’re part
of a community. Knowing that you have someone to help you during tough times
and having a community of support is an effective way of creating an office space
that employees love.

Try to set up team-building
activities to build up or boost the sense of community in people every so

Give proper credit
when and where credit is due

When it comes to giving rewards,
you should always be timely and appropriate.

Give praise publicly and negative
feedback privately. Plus, when it comes to giving people their deserved credit,
you should make sure that people have what is due to them. Don’t hog the credit
you can get from an employee’s work.

Aside from that, you should
properly reward someone for the work that they do. The appropriate reward
should range from a free lunch to even a promotion.

Wrap up

Making employees love the office is a long process that doesn’t guarantee success, but the rewards will be worth it. Plus, your business will be all the better with employees who love their jobs.

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